How it Works

List your space on our platform.
Our team will do an inspections of our home, post which your listing becomes live.
Home keys are handed overto us.
Tenants will schedule a visit to your home directly from our platform. Our sales executives will take up the visits.
Interested tenants will create a booking request for your home.
You can approve or reject their booking based on their profile, ID proofs and reviews.
For bookings which are approved tenants will be able to complete the documentations and make payments.
Once the flat is booked tenants can moved it on the date of their choice.

Please read the steps Carefully

Sign Up

Login/Signup and complete your profile. A completed profile results in better response from the tenants. Please make sure to add your ID proof as it will be cross checked with your ownership proof.

Enter Details

Enter all the details of your home. These details will be helpful in fascilation online booking from tenants side.

Upload Picture

Upload a picture of your proof of ownership document. This will be cross checked with your ID proof to establish your ownership credentials and will help us to keep our platform free of brokers.

Finalise Details

Finalise the details of the lease agreement which will be signed upon booking confirmation. It will be speed up the booking process and the will give the tenants an exact idea of which contract they are entering into.

Police Verification

Finalise the police verification document. The same will be signed by the tenant and submitted to the corned authorities.

Payment Plan

Choose a payment plan that suits you.

Sign SLA

Sign the SLA & Confirm your engagement with us. Download a copy of our sample SLA here. We believe its always good to put things in writing to avoid any kind of.

Schedule Site visit

Next steps. Schedule a site visit of your home at a time that suits you. Our team will inspect your home. cross check all the details and suggest improvements if any, help you with the photography and.

Property is Live

Your property is live on our platform. Interact, transact and manage the entire lifecycle of tenancies with ease.